Seized ransomware network LockBit rewired to expose hackers to world

Posted by February 20, 2024

The entire “command and control” apparatus for the ransomware group LockBit is now in possession of law enforcement, the UK’s National Crime Agency has re

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EU-US-UK sanctions forum aimed at further disrupting Russian access to…

Posted by February 15, 2024

European Union sanctions envoys met with counterparts from the US, UK and other countries to discuss additional ways of disrupting Russia’s

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Incoming EU and UK laws up the stakes for anti-competitive…

Posted by February 2, 2024

A landmark trial in the blockchain space is about to kick off in the U.K. high court, where a collective of U.S. big tech interests has taken action against a B

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US Tech Giants Have Scuttled Over $70B In M&A Deals…

Posted by February 1, 2024

Lately, it seems like a lot of large technology acquisitions have fallen apart following pushback from European and U.K. antitrust regulators.

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