UK borrowing costs spike after EU inflation blow – latest…

Posted by February 29, 2024

Thanks for joining us. We begin with fresh data indicating the recession may already be over, as businesses plan to increase st

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Turkish Airlines increases flights from the UK this summer

Posted by February 27, 2024

Turkish Airlines is to increase flights from several UK airports to its Istanbul base during summer 2024. The carrier will add another four weekly flights fro

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After Japan And UK, Europe’s Largest Economy Is Likely To…

Posted by February 20, 2024

After Japan And UK, This Country Europe's Largest Economy Likely To Fall Into Recession (image source: iStock)The German economy, Europe’s leading economy, is

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EU opens formal investigation into TikTok; Bank of England ‘could…

Posted by February 19, 2024

EU opens investigation into TikTokThe European Union has opened an investigation into whether TikTok breached online content rules aimed at protecting children

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