Smartphones Dominate Online Shopping: Embracing Mobile Commerce in Today’s Retail…

Posted by February 12, 2024

As the holiday season of 2023 approached, an unmistakable trend emerged in the retail world - smar

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Global retail e-commerce sales 2014-2027 | Statista

Posted by February 5, 2024

In 2023, global retail e-commerce sales reached an estimated 5.8 trillion U.S. dollars. Projections indicate a 39 percent growth in

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Amazon: The World’s Most Powerful Economic and Cultural Force

Posted by February 2, 2024

Amazon reported its 2023 fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday, February 1, with EPS of $1.00, $0.20 better than the analyst estimate of $0.80. Revenue for the qu

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Biggest e-commerce startup acquisitions 2024 | Statista

Posted by January 31, 2024

The e-commerce M&A landscape was relatively quiet in 2023. The acquisitions made in that year did not make it into the all-time top 10 based on deal value.

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