Experts denounce trips to Xinjiang as ‘genocide tourism’

Posted by January 12, 2024

The Chinese government has thrown open the door for tourists to Xinjiang. Or at least those it deems worthy of an invite. 

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Has the Chinese economy hit the wall? | East Asia…

Posted by October 8, 2023

Author: Yiping Huang, Peking UniversityLacklustre growth and rising uncertainty has focused the world’s attention on the state of China’s economy.After a st

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China sentences 78-year-old US citizen to life in prison on…

Posted by May 15, 2023

China sentenced a 78-year-old United States citizen to life in prison Monday on spying charges, in a case that could exacerbate the deterioration in ties betwee

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Xi’s Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Department scan content on China

Posted by January 30, 2023

The Chinese Communist Party's Propaganda Department has been scrutinising most of the information that is available to China's public. The department monitore

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China says COVID restrictions on travellers ‘unnecessary’ as more than…

Posted by January 3, 2023

China has hit back at entry restrictions enforced by Australia and other countries on Chinese travellers, saying any COVID control measures need to be "propor

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