Europe has dodged Putin’s gas bullet. But it’s still thirsty…

Posted by September 7, 2023

CNN  —  From the moment Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine seemed inevitable, Europ

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Red panda twin babies born at UK zoo boost species’…

Posted by August 5, 2023

CNN  —  The endangered red panda population recently received a boost in the form of adorabl

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Inflation, interest rates and whales: Why offshore wind projects are…

Posted by July 21, 2023

CNN  —  For as much as offshore wind energy has become a hot-button issue, the United States

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What Biden needs to accomplish with his NATO trip |…

Posted by July 8, 2023

London CNN  —  President Joe Biden embarks on a weeklong trip to Europe on Sunday, and the st

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Why John Kerry is confident Biden’s climate policies can survive…

Posted by May 12, 2023

CNN  —  As the US barrels into a high-stakes and consequential election cycle, US climate en

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‘A new era’: Germany quits nuclear power, closing its final…

Posted by April 15, 2023

CNN  —  Germany’s final three nuclear power plants close their doors on Saturday, marking

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Biden hopes to ease major dispute in Friday meeting with…

Posted by March 10, 2023

CNN  —  President Joe Biden hoped to ease a serious source of tension with Europe when he me

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Devastating disasters and flickers of hope: These are the top…

Posted by December 28, 2022

CNN  —  From a small island in Polynesia to the white-sand beaches of Florida, the planet ex

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EU agrees to the world’s largest carbon border tax |…

Posted by December 19, 2022

London CNN  —  European Union governments have reached a deal on the world’s first major ca

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Royal US trip overshadowed but Prince William still manages to…

Posted by December 3, 2022

A version of this story appeared in the December 2 edition of CNN’s Royal News, a weekly dispatch bringing you the inside track on Br

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