Yes, Titanic tourism is a thing, and it’s dangerous |…

Posted by June 21, 2023

CNN  —  Only a handful of people have seen the Titanic’s wreckage in person, because preci

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5 things to know for May 22: Presidential race, Economy,…

Posted by May 22, 2023

CNN  —  The FAA has received 670 reports of unruly passengers on flights this year, acco

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SpaceX and startup Vast hope to put the world’s first…

Posted by May 10, 2023

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Italy’s new tourism ambassador is Botticelli’s Venus, brought to life…

Posted by April 21, 2023

CNN  —  It is probably safe to assume that Italian artist Sandro Botticelli never imagined V

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How a solar eclipse could change this small Australian town…

Posted by April 20, 2023

CNN  —  Thursday’s hybrid solar eclipse will last for 62 seconds. But for a small town in

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Larger-than-life astronaut lands at the Adelaide Fringe Festival

Posted by February 22, 2023

Space inspires and fascinates people, but not everyone understands just how much we rely on space technology in our daily lives. To spread the word about ‘why

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EU produces record wind and solar energy as it shirks…

Posted by October 17, 2022

London CNN  —  Wind and solar power have made up a record 24% of the European Union’s elect

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Exclusive: Musk’s SpaceX says it can no longer pay for…

Posted by October 13, 2022

Washington CNN  —  Since they first started arriving in Ukraine last spring, the Starlink sat

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