After teen dies in US of TikTok challenge, a list…

Posted by April 19, 2023

What is Benadryl Challenge? The "Benadryl Challenge" encourage users on the platform to take a large dosage of the medicine to experience hallucination

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Tiktok: Here are all the countries that have partially or…

Posted by April 5, 2023

The list of countries banning TikTok has been growing, with Australia latest to join the list. With this, Australia has joined other Western countries in bannin

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tiktok: Japan may ban TikTok, conditions apply

Posted by March 27, 2023

TikTok has been under scrutiny in several countries and regions. Recently, TikTok CEO faced questions by the US Congress on the app's alleged ties with the Chin

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A look at all countries moving against Chinese-owned TikTok as…

Posted by March 24, 2023

The Chinese-owned social media app TikTok will be blocked from the devices and network of the United Kingdom parliament in the latest ban imposed on the app. Th

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From India to UK, here are the countries that have…

Posted by March 23, 2023

A growing number of countries in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific have banned the popular video-sharing app TikTok from government devices as privacy and

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China says US ‘suppressing’ TikTok after ban ultimatum

Posted by March 16, 2023

China urged the United States to stop "unreasonably suppressing" TikTok on Thursday, after Washington gave the popular video-sharing app an ultimatum to part wa

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EU institutions ban TikTok on work devices

Posted by February 24, 2023

The main EU governing institutions on Thursday banned their staff from installing TikTok on devices used for work amid concerns over data protection, in a move

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TikTok Reveals Russian Disinformation Network Targeting European Users

Posted by February 10, 2023

TikTok Inc. identified a Russian disinformation network spreading war propaganda about Ukraine to more than a hundred thousand European users over the summe

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