Browns release Lonnie Phelps following his DUI arrest in Florida…

Posted by June 24, 2024

Kansas linebacker Lonnie Phelps runs a dri

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‘Hard Knocks: In Season’ to feature AFC North teams

Posted by June 17, 2024

1. Intense rivalries. The football world is already well-acquainted with the fierce struggle that has lasted for 20-plus years between the Steelers and Ra

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Amari Cooper, seeking new contract, absent from Browns’ mandatory minicamp

Posted by June 11, 2024

It didn't take long for that contract to look rather attractive for those balancing cap sheets. Cooper's deal currently pays him an average of $20 million

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Make-or-break candidates: Tee Higgins, Dak Prescott among players at crossroads…

Posted by June 5, 2024

This might seem extreme, but when considering both Chubb’s value to the Browns and his injury history, this season is undoubtedly a pivotal year for the

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2024 NFL season: Most likely to win first Super Bowl?…

Posted by June 3, 2024

Eventually, the 2024 Browns should have their core in place, but right now, a big chunk of key players are still working their way back from injury. And th

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NFL’s top 10 most complete teams for 2024 season: 49ers…

Posted by May 22, 2024

I debated a host of teams for the final spot here, including AFC East rivals Buffalo and Miami, the Cowboys, and up-and-coming teams such as the Bears. But

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2024 NFL schedule release: Steelers, Bills, Browns among teams with…

Posted by May 16, 2024

Strength of schedule: .547 (1st)Bye: Week 10Based solely on their opponents’ 2023 records, Cleveland has the most difficult 17-game slate in 2024. My est

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2024 NFL schedule release: Complete slate of Week 1 games

Posted by May 16, 2024

The 2024 NFL regular-season schedule has arrived. Week 1 awaits. In a grinding season, one game doesn't delineate playoff teams from disappointments

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Ten traded players who will have biggest impact on 2024…

Posted by May 10, 2024

TRADED BY: Buffalo BillsTRADED FOR: 2025 second-round pick (with Houston receiving a 2024 sixth-round pick and 2025 fifth-round pick)So, you're an aspiring

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AFC North teams face toughest strength of schedule in 2024…

Posted by May 7, 2024

Let's first acknowledge that since SOS is based solely on how a club's opponents finished the previous season, it's a flawed metric. It doesn't consider h

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