American Airlines shows its softer NDC side. Will it help…

Posted by June 21, 2024

American Airlines' revised New Distribution Capability (NDC) strategy is looking a lot like that of its rival, United. But it could take a while for AA's new, l

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American Airlines unveils revised NDC plans, returns fares to GDSs

Posted by June 12, 2024

American Airlines plans to soon begin selling dynamically priced fares in New Distribution Capability (NDC) channels. The carrier also will introduce bundled fa

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American Airlines is paying commission on NDC bookings

Posted by June 11, 2024

American Airlines has launched a commission program for New Distribution Capability (NDC) bookings. The program, first reported by The Beat newsletter, pays 10

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Travel advisors say all is not forgiven with American Airlines

Posted by June 7, 2024

DALLAS --  The mood at ASTA's Travel Advisor Conference here was buoyant when, during Day 1, the news trickled in that American Airlines would reverse course o

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American Airlines to reward travel agencies that make NDC bookings

Posted by June 1, 2024

American Airlines may have nixed its plans to limit how AAdvantage loyalty program members can earn miles or points based on booking channels, but the carrier s

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Corporate travel pros react to American’s about-face on NDC strategy

Posted by May 31, 2024

Just as American Airlines' distribution strategy announcements beginning in late 2022 ushered in a flurry of commentary from the industry, so too did its back-t

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ASTA says its advocacy factored into American’s NDC reversal

Posted by May 30, 2024

DALLAS -- ASTA credits its members' advocacy efforts in helping to turn American Airlines toward a more travel agent-friendly distribution strategy. American C

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A win for travel advisors: American Airlines scraps controversial NDC…

Posted by May 29, 2024

American Airlines is reversing course on its controversial distribution strategy.Speaking Wednesday at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference, American Ai

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While pondering American Queen’s fate, the ship’s owner consults travel…

Posted by May 24, 2024

American Cruise Lines (ACL) is revealing few details on what it plans to do with the American Queen and American Empress after saying it scrapped the other two

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Tauck stops booking American Airlines and its Oneworld partners

Posted by May 22, 2024

Tour operator Tauck said its air desk has stopped booking American Airlines and other Oneworld alliance carriers because they have "implemented a new policy tha

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Government panel hears ASTA’s complaints against American Airlines

Posted by May 10, 2024

ASTA on Thursday spoke out against American Airlines and its upcoming restriction on travel agency bookings that won't earn AAdvantage points if the agency does

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High hotel prices are giving luxury travelers pause

Posted by May 9, 2024

LISBON -- A panel of travel advisors provided insight into current luxury travel trends during the Preferred Hotels & Resorts Global Conference 2024, with h

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