American Airlines Eases Trip To Wondrous Olympics With Great Fans…

Posted by July 8, 2024

Home » America Travel News » American Airlines Eases Trip To Wondrous Olympics With Great Fans From New York, Dallas, Los Angeles And More To Charles De Gaul

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A 75-year-old American swims in Paris’ Seine River before the…

Posted by July 4, 2024

PARIS (AP) — A 75-year-old American swimmer took a dip in the Seine River on Thursday, braving the murky waters in central Paris to celebrate the F

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Lionel Messi schools Kylian Mbappe after new Real Madrid star…

Posted by June 13, 2024

Lionel Messi has clapped back at Kylian Mbappe's recent comments that the European Championship was tougher to win than Copa America. The former Paris Saint-Ger

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Biden honors US war dead with cemetery visit ending French…

Posted by June 9, 2024

BELLEAU, France —  President Joe Biden closed out his trip to France by paying his respects at an American military cemetery that Donald Trump notably skipp

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Bidens feted for France state visit, where fashion did the…

Posted by June 8, 2024

PARIS —  U.S. President Joe Biden capped his visit to France by being feted with a tres-chic state visit Saturday — finishing with a flourish a trip that

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Remains of Jewish-American World War II hero missing for 80…

Posted by June 1, 2024

The remains of a Jewish-American soldier who was killed in 1944 in France during World War II, have been brought to his home in the US after 80 years. According

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French tennis player accused of stealing Americans’ money over tickets

Posted by May 29, 2024

An American has lodged a police complaint against a professional French tennis player he accuses of taking $1,100 to secure seats at the French Open and never d

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Macron: French AI boom could help EU close tech innovation…

Posted by May 23, 2024

PARIS, France — Europe is pursuing AI innovation, tech regulation and competition with China in very different ways than the United States, French President E

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US military hospital, dating back to World War I, uncovered…

Posted by May 23, 2024

French archaeologists recently discovered the remains of an American hospital dating to World War I. In a French language press release tra

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Hong Kong’s Paul Chan to visit US under bay area…

Posted by May 22, 2024

Hong Kong’s finance chief will visit the US next Monday as part of the first-ever joint delegation with Macau and Guangdong officials to promote business oppo

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