HT Exclusive: Indian-American entrepreneur says, ‘Sam launching ChatGPT is like…

Posted by June 14, 2024

For the past year, Google appeared to be on the back foot in AI, chasing OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has been pushing the envelope in chatbots, images and video

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US executive urges Hong Kong to step up efforts to…

Posted by May 29, 2024

The American business community does not know enough about China’s development blueprint for the Greater Bay Area, an executive of a San Francisco association

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Hong Kong’s Paul Chan to visit US under bay area…

Posted by May 22, 2024

Hong Kong’s finance chief will visit the US next Monday as part of the first-ever joint delegation with Macau and Guangdong officials to promote business oppo

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North Koreans stole Americans’ identities and took remote-work tech jobs…

Posted by May 16, 2024

The Justice Department on Thursday announced the arrests of three people in a complex stolen identity scheme that officials say generates enormous proceeds for

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America’s tech industry cannot survive without Indians: SVC Chamber of…

Posted by May 5, 2024

Santa Clara: Indians are one of the largest leaders of innovation in Silicon Valley and America's tech industry cannot survive without them, the CEO of the Sili

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