US to lift ban on selling offensive weapons to Saudi…

Posted by May 27, 2024

Saudi Arabia, the biggest US arms customer, has chafed under those restrictions, which froze the kind of weapons sales that pre

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Tiny British territory refuses to release US tourists carrying ammunition

Posted by May 21, 2024

‌Markwayne Mullin, the Republican senator from Oklahoma who led the delegation, said he hoped to find “common ground” wit

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Anglo American shareholders ready to accept simpler deal from BHP

Posted by May 18, 2024

Another top 15 Anglo investor said: “We don’t need to accept any offer. There’s no gun to our head.”Anglo’s managemen

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Caitlin Clark salary highlights huge gender pay disparity in US…

Posted by May 14, 2024

None of this is new, but Clark’s profile is such that some powerful people have begun to take notice. “Even if you’re the

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Israel may have violated humanitarian law with American weapons, US…

Posted by May 10, 2024

Mr Biden has repeatedly said the US would oppose an IDF operation in Rafah but when first Israeli tanks were sighted at the Raf

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Interest rate cuts could switch ‘from stroll to a sprint’…

Posted by May 3, 2024

Thanks for joining me. Hong Kong led another rally across Asian markets thanks to a surge in tech giants, putting it on course

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Shohei Ohtani – baseball’s highest-paid star – denies involvement in…

Posted by March 27, 2024

Mr Mizuhara had been a constant companion of the extremely private Ohtani for much of the player’s illustrious career. He was

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