US to lift ban on selling offensive weapons to Saudi…

Posted by May 27, 2024

Saudi Arabia, the biggest US arms customer, has chafed under those restrictions, which froze the kind of weapons sales that pre

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Did US embassy reject assistance call before killing of two…

Posted by May 25, 2024

Senator Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, claimed that the American embassy in Haiti neglected its responsibilities when gangs allegedly killed a state repr

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US military hospital, dating back to World War I, uncovered…

Posted by May 23, 2024

French archaeologists recently discovered the remains of an American hospital dating to World War I. In a French language press release tra

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Tiny British territory refuses to release US tourists carrying ammunition

Posted by May 21, 2024

‌Markwayne Mullin, the Republican senator from Oklahoma who led the delegation, said he hoped to find “common ground” wit

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Biden repeats lie that inflation ‘was at 9% when I…

Posted by May 14, 2024

WASHINGTON — President Biden again claimed Tuesday that the annual US inflation rate was 9% when he took office in January 2021 — when it actuall

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Meet man, an Indian-American philanthropist who donated Rs 83464 crore…

Posted by May 10, 2024

In March 2023, Bhutada gave a million US dollars to the Hindu University of America, which is located in Florida.The Hindu American Foundation (HAF), a group th

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THIS Indian-American Gen Z Is In US Senate Race, Has…

Posted by May 8, 2024

Ashwin Ramaswami, 1st Gen Z Indian-American running for a US Senate. (Photo: Ramaswami's campaign)Ashwin Ramaswami, the first Gen Z Indian-American running for

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Anti-Israel protesters vandalize WWI memorial, burn American flag after cops…

Posted by May 6, 2024

Anti-Israel protesters vandalized a World War I memorial in Central Park on Monday and burned an American flag after a mob of more than 1,000 marcher

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Another Space Travel By Indian – American Sunita Williams

Posted by May 5, 2024

Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams is gearing up to go to space for the third time as she is set to travel in a Boeing Starliner spacecraft. The spacec

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April’s full Pink Moon rises in the night sky on…

Posted by April 24, 2024

April’s full Moon, known as the Pink Moon, rises on Tuesday night and will appear bright in the night sky through the end of the week.   

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Shohei Ohtani – baseball’s highest-paid star – denies involvement in…

Posted by March 27, 2024

Mr Mizuhara had been a constant companion of the extremely private Ohtani for much of the player’s illustrious career. He was

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