10 states with America’s worst infrastructure, and most to gain…

Posted by July 11, 2024

Not since the New Deal has the U.S. government poured this kind of money into rebuilding America's infrastructure. Companies and states are clamoring for their

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Planning to travel this summer? How extreme heat is affecting…

Posted by July 8, 2024

The nation's transportation system was built to withstand the weather, come rain or shine. However, the heat dome scorching the U.S. has been

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Study calls US infrastructure spending a “climate time bomb”

Posted by July 1, 2024

An aerial view of the Interstate 4 and State Road 408 interchange in downtown Orlando.Paul Hennessy/ZUMA This story was originally publi

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$1.8B in Infrastructure Grants Announced Across U.S.

Posted by June 26, 2024

Funding comes from the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) discretionary grant program for projects across the country.@Le

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